Are you looking for undergoing the Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction is an operative technique that consists of aspirating localized subcutaneous fat. The new possibility to suck the fat in its entirety (in front of and on the sides) allows obtaining remarkable results.

This is made possible by liposuction with the help of increasingly fine cannulas (up to 2mm in diameter) that allow work of remarkable precision. It is thus possible to achieve a true liposculpture of the thigh giving it new proportions. It is necessary to point out that the end of the cannula is foamy and that it does not traumatize the fabrics whose architecture is preserved. This notion of preserved architecture is important because it explains the almost total absence of complications of this intervention

Before a liposuction

The first consultation for liposuction is essential. It allows the best liposuction doctor in India to analyze your figure and tell you if liposuction can meet your expectations. The essential elements will be the amount of fat present under the skin and the state of laxity of the skin. It will also give you all the areas that can be corrected.

At the end of this clinical examination, the surgeon will give you all the lessons relating to the procedure itself. This will allow you to have the necessary elements for your reflection. An estimate will be established, mentioning the fees of the surgeon, anesthesiologist and clinic fees. It is useful to specify that this intervention must always be performed in the clinic, it is forensic. Avoid any surgeon who offers you intervention in his office or even in a foreign country because it means that he does not have the qualifications required to operate in France. An information sheet will also be provided.

During a liposuction

You enter the morning of the intervention as is customary in cosmetic surgery. The procedure lasts an hour and a half to two hours in general for medium or large liposuction. General anesthesia is usually performed. Other alternatives to general anesthesia are neuroleptanalgesia (you are drowsy) or epidural anesthesia. A night of hospitalization is usually required for comfort and postoperative analgesia.

Note that the rules of outpatient surgery require you to go out with an accompanying person.

After liposuction

The pains of liposuction are similar to severe muscle aches. There are no special dressings to make and no wires to remove because they are all resorbable. The panty, or compression garment, should be worn for one month and will help the skin to retract. It will also prevent you from swelling postoperatively and reduce pain.

A convalescence period of one week is usually necessary and sufficient. Remember that there will be no work stoppage because it is a surgery not supported by social security. The result will appear gradually after 2 months at 70%. The remaining 30% in the year following the intervention.

The first major inspection visit is two months away. It is essential because it makes it possible to analyze the results by comparison of the before and after photos, which is not always obvious for the patients because the result happens very gradually.

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