Best Places To Shop Wine and Spirits in Singapore

Best Places To Shop Wine and Spirits in Singapore

Singaporeans love to drink. And this is why there are many different brands of alcoholic beverages available online, too many perhaps. So the question is, where are the best places to shop wine and spirits in Singapore. With the number of shops in Singapore selling alcoholic beverages, it can be hard to determine. But what follows is a list of popular options.


Apart from having a cool name, Alcohol also enjoys a reputation of being one of the most reliable alcohol delivery services in all of Singapore. They are fast too. So if you need some alcoholic beverages right away, Alcohaul is the store to turn to. Alcohaul is actually composed of several companies who have decided to band together to offer the best alcoholic products and services to Singaporeans. Being an on-demand marketplace for alcoholic beverages, Alcohaul makes it easy for anyone in Singapore to order his of her favorite alcoholic drink. They have all of the popular brands as well as obscure brands that are worth trying out.

Wine Rack

If it’s wine you’re looking for, particularly affordable wine, then the Wine Rack is the store for you. They don’t have a physical store, however. They just operate purely online. But that is actually one of the reasons why they are able to keep their prices low. If you’re the type of person who likes to hold merchandise before buying it, then this store is not for you.Because they don’t have a shop, they can save on overhead costs. Then they pass their savings to their customers. Another reason why they are able to keep prices low is because of their products because they get the goods directly from suppliers.


If you have traveled by plane before, then you’ve probably already seen the shelves filled with wine and spirits. But do you know that even non-travelers can shop for wines and spirits at iShopChangi? All their orders will be delivered to the right at their doorstep? And if you’re a traveler, you should download the app and experience all of its benefits.Travelers can choose to either pick up their order at the airport or have them delivered to your location. Talk convenience, right? IShopchangi also has an extensive collection. So if you’re looking for a particular brand of wine or spirits, iShopChangi most likely has it. The products here are affordable because they are duty-free. They also run promos and deals regularly.

Best Places To Shop Wine and Spirits in Singapore

The Liquor Shop

The Liquor Shop is the biggest online liquor shop in all of Singapore. And when it comes to alcoholic beverages, they are number one according to many reviews online. Being the biggest online alcohol store translates to having a huge collection of different types of alcoholic drinks. They also sell non-alcoholic drinks such as water and soda. The shop has a mission and that is to give the best products and services to residents of Metro Manila. And so far, they were able to keep up with their duty.