How Can Dynamic Ad Insertion Benefit You?

Dynamic Ad Insertion Benefit You?

Dynamic ad insertion enables publishers to stitch the ads and content, thereby enabling a seamless watching experience on the viewer’s part. It offers several benefits that help you to save money and streamline your media processing as well as workflow. In addition to that, publishers also benefit from improved support from ad servers, as well as simplified ad breaking insertion. Dynamic ad insertion reduces the potential errors on the client-side and produces a seamless experience without buffering or latency between advertisements and content. Therefore, it serves as one of the best monetization solutions for live streams as well as VOD across different devices. 

What is the significance of dynamic ad insertion?

Dynamic ad insertion or DAI is one of the most reliable technologies that you can opt for in terms of delivering targeted advertising initiatives. DAI enables you to target your ads at multiple levels including socio-demographics, geolocalization, behavioural profiles, also as per device, content, and user. The main function of DAI, as mentioned above, is integrating the targeted ads into your video to form a single stream of content that is independent of any app or web page so as to provide the viewer with a seamless watching experience.

What are the benefits of dynamic ad insertion?

  • Prevention of ad-block: The most striking advantage of dynamic ad insertion is that it helps prevent the blocking of ads. It is possible because it combines the content and ad so seamlessly that various ad blocking software cannot differentiate between them. This will help you in counteracting ad-blocking software that is installed in the devices of the viewer. This is the first step towards converting viewers that are passive to active buyers by raising brand awareness among them.
  • Dynamic Adaptation: DAI allows you to time your ads perfectly and can help increase the engagement rate of your customers. DAI allows ads to be planned for a particular period which can be changed dynamically and instantly. This dynamic adaptation allows you to deliver the right message at just the right moment to your target audience.
  • Ideal Viewing Experience: DAI makes broadcast viewing seamless and easy. There are no unwanted pauses or buffering, and there are no return latencies in between ads and content.
  • High Levels Analytics and Data: OTT providers have the ability to provide targeted ads to laser-focused audiences by combining video processing based on the cloud with data-driven analytics and insights. More targeted ads increase the engagement rate of ads. Increased rates of engagement result in increased CPM, or cost per thousand, rates. To appeal to more subscribers, a brand that has a higher CPM might limit the ads it runs without reducing the revenue.
  • Multiscreen and personalized Advertising: Personalization is key in making your live video or video-on-demand streaming service more noticeable than the rest. Personalized ads with DAI technology can help you attract new subscribers as well as retain your existing ones. 

A survey revealed that more than 60 percent of viewers do not like generic ads being delivered randomly to them. In such cases, personalization is key to satisfying customers. Targeted advertising makes a better impression and is easily received, which leads to higher ad revenues. DAI-enabled ad servers have successfully helped brands deliver the personal touch that has a strong appeal to viewers. 

Dynamic ad insertion is a way we can keep the world of advertising alive. And it is clear from the above discussion that dynamic ad insertion can be beneficial for content creators as well, especially in generating revenues.