How Much Does A Window Replacement Oakville Project Cost?

Oakville Project Cost

There is so much that goes into the window replacement Oakville project. First, the cost will depend on the type of windows you need to use and also other factors such as energy efficiency and the number of windows you are replacing.

If you are installing energy-efficient windows, this could cost you more than someone installing common windows. For an energy-efficient window, you could pay as low as $325 per single window to as high as $825 per window. The windows replacement labor costs range from $38 to $50 per hour.

  1. What Are Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Also called energy-saving windows replacement units, these are windows designed to keep the optimal temperature of your home by keeping control of heat getting and leaving your home. They are highly insulated to make your home energy efficient and hence reduce your energy consumption hence you pay fewer energy bills. This also contributes to a comfortable home.

  1. How Much Can Installing Energy Efficient Windows Save You?

We can all agree on one thing; old and leaky windows are not doing any good to your energy utility bills. Single pane window units cannot match the energy efficiency of double pane windows. According to Department of Energy estimates, a homeowner can save up to $460 by replacing old windows with energy-efficient windows.

Another study by Energy Star shows that replacing single panes windows with double-pane units saves you up to 30% on your heating and cooling bills.

  1. Are Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Worth It?

So, should you install energy-efficient windows during your window replacement Oakville project? Whether you should or you should not, comes down to the type of windows you want to install. For instance, if you have installed single-pane windows that have already warping wood frames and you replace them with double-pane windows; you will ultimately notice a change in your energy utility bills. This will save you a significant amount of money in the long run which is estimated to be from $30 to $110 per year.

  1. What Makes A Window Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient replacement windows are specially built to be energy efficient. The following features make windows energy efficient:

  • Multiple glass panes- both double and triple pane windows replacement units are constructed with multiple layers of glass sandwiched with spacers. It is these layers of sheets that come up with air pockets, which are sealed to prevent air from escaping. The air pockets are filled with an inert gas such as argon to enhance their efficiency.
  • Quality frame material- in most cases, manufacturers use energy-efficient materials such as composite, fiberglass, and vinyl for window frames. Wooden and clad-wooden window frames are also being used but not as massively as before.
  • Low-e glass coatings- these are effective in keeping heat inside the home during the cold months and keeping it out during the hot summer. It the specially designed to impact heat transfer in and out of the home.