The Best Services for Frequent Movers and Travelers

When everyone around you wants to put down roots, are you drawn to travel? Do you accept new job opportunities each year, or simply pick up and move to a new state? If you make wandering an art form, then you know how much there is to see in the world—and how little time you want to spend working with movers and travel vendors.

Save time (and maybe some money) by checking out these top tools and companies for frequent movers and travelers.


COVID-19 all but shut down travel—especially international travel—as countless countries closed their borders. Some experts believe that future travelers will need to show their vaccination records before they can enter certain countries. Some tech geniuses are already stepping in with solutions.

CommonPass is a nonprofit organization that developed a digital passport app allowing you to log your health records in one place. If you have received your COVID vaccine, it should show up in this tool, allowing you to clear any background checks or entry requirements internationally and domestically. This is the future of public health.


If you love traveling for specific reasons—like attending music festivals, celebrations, and historic events—consider looking into this invite-only tool that lets you know when they are coming up. For example, if you want to attend some of the best Pride 2021 events, Seeker can help you find the best parades across the country. You could then fly to New York and honor the Stonewall Inn, the location of a famous historic moment in LGBTQ history. Then catch a San Francisco Giants game at Oracle Park before the start of San Francisco pride.

With Seeker, you can find events that are tailored specifically to your interests, from LGBTQ-centric activities to local celebrations.


If you live in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. consider connecting with 495Movers. This is a regional moving company that can help you change homes across different states. You can appreciate the customer service of a local organization with the scale of a national brand.

495 movers inc. can help you move long distance or across the street. They strive to create a great experience for each of their customers. Reach out for an initial quote on movers and ask any questions you have. Their team is always available to help you.


Your new home likely comes with all kinds of appliances and gadgets to figure out. If you’re trying to figure out how everything works, try Centriq. This is a home management app that logs your appliances and features—everything from your HVAC system to your coffee maker. With this app, you can read digital user manuals, watch how-to videos for maintenance, and learn about recalls. You never need to save the manuals that come with your systems again—this app stores them for you.


Homezada is another must-have tool for new homeowners. This app can help you manage major home improvement projects (like installing gutters or replacing the flooring) while tracking your inventory and homeownership documents. You can track which of your belongings are in storage and what needs to be replaced after the move.

With this app, you can also manage your home maintenance tasks. You can track seasonal check-ins from your HVAC and test control companies, and receive reminders to change your smoke alarms. Spend less time maintaining your home and more time enjoying it.

All of the best travelers share their secrets. They want the people they meet to enjoy the same in-person events and exciting activities. Try a few of these top tools and share them with your friends. Who knows what cool expo or hidden gem you can find next.