Top technology trends for 2020

With the increasing technologies and advancement in the development of intelligence, there are various technologies that are trending around the world. There has been rapid advancement in the tech industry in the last decade and this decade shows no sign of stopping.

Let us see some top technology trends for 2020.


Hyper automation deals with the application of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), increase the automation of processes and augment humans. It extends across a range of tools that can be automated, but also implies to the process of sophistication of the automation. In simple words, it could be defined as a process that exists to improve sales by using Sales CRM Software and expand human capabilities


Multi-experience basically deals with a massive change in the interface, wherein there has been a drastic shift from a two-dimensional screen and keyboard interface to a much dynamic and broad multi-modal interface. It currently focuses on experiences that are immersive that use advanced technology like augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, multi-channel AI interfaces and sensing technologies. Multi experience helps in increasing the efficiency and growth of operations of an organization and hence, it is very useful for the enterprises. Embedded multimedia has taken new heights.


Artificial intelligence has the ability to get converged with new, complex yet untried weaponry, for example, cyber offensive capabilities. This improvement is alarming as cyber offensive weapons have the ability to destabilize the equalization of military power among the leading countries. With the advent of AI and machine learning, cyberattacks have become all the more commonly available dangers for critical infrastructure like airport flight tracking, banking systems, hospital records, and programs that run the country’s basic infrastructure and nuclear reactors and for that you can also use various free data visualisation tool to keep it safe & secure. .


Autonomous things, abbreviated AuT, or the Internet of autonomous things, abbreviated as IoAT, is an emerging term for the technological developments that are expected to bring computers into the physical environment as autonomous entities without human direction, freely moving and interacting with humans and other objects. Moreover, 360 degree audio is on the rise.


Distributed cloud is the application of cloud computing technologies to interconnect data and applications served from multiple geographic locations.Distributed, in an information technology (IT) context, means that something is shared among multiple systems which may also be in different locations. Distributed cloud speeds communications for global services and enables more responsive communications for specific regions.


Empowered edge is a term in IT that is used to talk about empowering computing centralization that is distributed toward the edge of a network, toward the end user and the end user device. It is a key concept in device management in the cloud and big data age.Empowered edge is also known as device democracy.


So these were some of the top technology trends to watch out for in 2020. Let us hope for the best. If you want to learn more about the latest technology trends and most important tech concepts check out Techslang